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firstly, kudos to you. you're everything that's good about people - considerate, caring and compassionate. and that's why we think you deserve to be protected against nasty, invisible and completely gross things in the air, like viruses (you know, that one), bacteria, allergens and pollution.

in fact, when combined with the miix freedom filters, this mask protects you against up to 99.7% of them. it's medical-grade and tested. it doesn't just stop bacteria, it kills it. it knows that your ears were made for hearing, not hanging masks. it's 100% washable, reusable and sustainable. and its designed in Toronto, so you know it's going to look pretty sweet.

go ahead, scroll down and dive into the details, we'll wait.

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all good things come in silver.

diamonds are a girl's best friend but do they protect you against harmful bacteria? probs not.

the miix mask is an innovative blend of breathable cotton fabric interwoven together with SILVADUR™ anti-microbial technology, which not only stops bacteria from reaching your airways, it kills it upon impact.

guess you can kiss bacteria goodbye, literally.

how's it hanging?

over your ears? on your cars' rear-view mirror? we'll pass on that, thanks.

your mask is meant to be worn for a while, so make it comfortable, with a soft bands for your head & neck to relieve pressure from your ears, chin, nose or however else you've been wearing it.

filters in. bad sh*t out.

who knew a humble rectangle would one day grow up to save us against invisible enemies? not all of them do of course, but this one? you bet.

meet the miix freedom filters, here to defend you against harmful airborne atrocities with a battle-tested, patent-pending 5-layer filtration system that says yes to oxygen and no to everything else.

simply insert one into the built-in filter pocket behind your mask and feel nothing but unstoppable.

you superhero, you.

you're protecting your community, your loved ones and yourself. you're saving the planet by replacing disposable masks with a sustainable, reusable mask. and for every purchase, you're providing support and wellness to those that need it most.

so what we're saying is, you're basically the superhero we've always dreamed of becoming, so thank you for being you.