"put your mask on first", as they say.

overwhelming is the understatement of the decade when it comes to thinking about how 2020 has panned out so far. in fact, if you haven't felt like complete sh*t at some point, you're either a robot, or have lived in isolation for longer than the average. 

with so much going on, it's easy to lose track of the wellness of you, your mind, and your body. so here's a guide on how to keep yourself in check.

find your flow.

when anxiety arises, the first thing we lose control over is our breath. noticing the flow of air through your body is an easy yet profound way to calm your nerves.

bringing awareness to each inhale and exhale will slow down your central nervous system allowing you maintain your cool in any crisis. soak in every breathe, you'll notice it tastes pretty sweet.

shape a new routine.

working from home, cooking more often, going out less? feels like we're grounded and it sucks.

so let's change that. new times and new environments call for new routines. get excited by the opportunity to create a life on your own terms, and map it out.

recognizing what works for you and managing your time accordingly will keep your body and mind fresh, just the way we like it.

make. craft. create.

express yourself. share your voice with the world. make something from scratch or return to a hobby you left behind. creativity stimulates the brain by increasing serotonin levels and improves your overall well-being. you can change your outlook and the way you experience the world just by picking up a pen.

go on. have fun.

you’ve kept your distance, you’ve helped flatten the curve. now it’s time to be social, while being socially-minded. that means protecting yourself and others as you discover the new normal.

miix presents: from survive to thrive.

you've survived 2020, now thrive. read our piece on how to transform from survive to thrive, no matter how many lemons are thrown your way.